Information for GPs

HealthLink SmartForm Referrals

If your practice or clinic utilizes HealthLink secure messaging, and a recent version of Best Practice, Medical Director, or Genie, you may use HealthLink SmartForms to generate an electronic referral to South West Surgery WA. HealthLink SmartForms provide the ability to automatically populate known patient details from your practice management software into the referral and attach clinical details as desired.

If you would like to investigate the use of HealthLink at your practice, more information can be found on the HealthLink website

Referral Templates

If your practice does not support the use of HealthLink SmartForms, you may use the referral templates provided below. The templates are intended for creating referrals to SouthWest Surgery WA. They have been tested with the versions of Best Practice ( and Medical Director (3.16).

What is an Open template?

BP or MD templates should not be opened and viewed before downloading them into your practice software. An OPEN template, which is the PDF version of a template, allows you to open and view the template before downloading it into your practice software. You can also use the Open version to complete assessments without going through the practice software.