Dr Kallyani Ponniah


Clinical Practice

Dr Ponniah practices surgical excellence with safety and compassion. She offers personalised care with an emphasis on a strong doctor-patient partnership, built on mutual trust and confidence. Patient care is delivered in a friendly, approachable manner, backed by extensive experience, high-level surgical skills and sound clinical judgement to achieve the best possible results.

Her practice is supported by a multidisciplinary team and access to all diagnostic and treatment modalities resulting in rapid, integrated, patient-centered care. This includes:

  • Comprehensive breast imaging with digital mammography and USS
  • Stereotactic and USS guided wire insertion
  • Nuclear medicine for sentinel node localisation
  • Medical and Radiation oncology
  • Breast cancer research

Background and Training

Dr Ponniah received her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in 1995 from Barkatullah University, in India. She completed her Advanced Surgical Training in Malaysia, attaining her Master of Surgery degree in 2004 practising as a general surgeon with breast interest in district and tertiary hospitals in Malaysia. This led to her three-year subspecialisation in the field of Breast and Endocrine Surgery at Putrajaya Hospital which was the endocrine referral centre for the country. She moved to Perth in 2011 with her young family to pursue a further two years of breast oncoplastic training and went on to complete the necessary examinations to be awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Throughout her career, Dr Ponniah maintained her commitment to the public system and held honorary lecturer positions at The International Medical University in Malaysia and training hospitals both in Malaysia and in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth. She has on her personal time always tried to make available optimal medical care to vulnerable and minor communities in rural towns in Malaysia in collaboration with local hospitals. One specific example was ‘Breast Awareness Campaigns’ with breast imaging facilities in her home country where breast screening programmes were unavailable.    Dr Ponniah is currently a Consultant Breast and General Surgeon at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth.

Special Interests

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of malignant conditions of the breast
  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all benign breast conditions (benign lumps, mastalgia, nipple discharge)
  • Surveillance and risk-reducing breast surgery for high-risk groups
  • Prosthesis based breast reconstruction after mastectomy
  • Cosmetic Breast Procedures including contralateral symmetrising surgery:
  • Reduction mammoplasty;
  • Mastopexy/lift;
  • Nipple reconstruction;
  • Fat graft/lipo- filling of breast excision defects;
  • Breast augmentation.